Mahasiswi :)


Terasa lama gila tak berblogging..baru ada masa and the same time baru teringat pasal blog aku nieh..ada follower lagi ke ? hehe Sory guys..Quite stress for past two or three weeks.. study punya pasal lerr...seronok aku tengok rakan2 lain happy2..but sory..From now on I can't be happy2 and enjoy sana sini.. I have to sacrifice my time for the course that I take..Sounds like punishment heh ? Aku dah jadi mahasiswi la..seriusly aku rasa time is moving so fast. Baru rasa keluar kolej dah masuk u pulak..hadoii..It is true that our past is the farthest in life.. We cannot reverse the time back to the past.. How sweet or horrible it is, it will always be memory.. so people..We have to accept it :) 

Many people asked me which uni I choose to further my study..Like I said.. I have three choices..and I choose to be in ..........................(look picture below) . Course ? Well, I prefer you to ask me directly. Secret..hahaha..Hopefully I manage to pass all the years until graduate..Amin, Insyaallah.. Wish me luck.. =)

It is time to study. Ada masa aku update lagi budak-budak H4P2.. I really2 damn miss you guys.. Conduct a reunion soon okey ^.^ tak sabar nak jumpa nieh..hehe..goodluck to all of you..

That's all folks !


Salam (hj) <3 <3